Saturday, 13 December 2008

Week 10 - Characters


I love characters. When I read a book, watch TV series or play a game that has a storyline, one of the most important things that keeps me going is a favourite character within the story. I like loveable characters whom I cam empathize with, with likeable character traits. For instance, while it's possible to empathize with Tidus from Final Fantasy X, he whines way too much and is difficult to like. I have to enjoy “being with” the character. This means that, in games, I prefer characters in third-person so that I can see the overall situation around them, watch their expressions and their reactions to different situations, instead of in first-person where I become the character myself.

If there is no loveable character in the story, then I may lose interest. I am currently watching a TV series where there is an amazing character at the start, but then his screen time becomes less and less, and I ended up getting a little… bored with the series! However he has returned and has become more epic than ever.

Normally, if there are more than one protagonists, I would prefer the weaker character, especially if they have suffered some sort of misfortune in the past. As I mentioned above, I like to sympathise with my characters and watch them behave and deal with the world they are in, watch them grow and develop, and see where they end up at the very end. So in storylines, it is those type of characters that feel more human and realistic than the annoying good-at-everything perfect character.


Miles-SP said...

DORKJIA!!!! methinks you like ze underdogs.

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