Wednesday, 25 February 2009

During my usual browsing through DeviantArt at lunchtimes...

Oh my god, I thought this was a photograph until I read the description!!!!

versailles by ~rOSTyk on deviantART

Monday, 23 February 2009

New interesting character, and more pictures

After going through 5 different people I've finally settled with this interesting old guy... the way his beard separated really caught my attention on the street!

Two of the previous (now abandoned) "interesting characters" that I saw... one of them walked past me right after the other and I thought they looked the complete opposite of each other! The guy on the right was incredibly tall.

Quick study of part of the interior of the Queen's building:

A few days ago the sky was a pretty colour... thought I'd draw it:

And a couple of more speedpaints. The first one took about 40 minutes and the second one took 1 hour. It was hard to draw, too...

Reference here.

Reference here.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Week 18 - Sound in Games

Game music is one of my favourite genres to listen to. Normally when I fill in profile details about “Favourite music”, I always put “Instrumental/orchestral, film and game”, mainly because the sound of game music fits my love for instrumental and orchestral music perfectly (I don’t listen to lyrical music that much).

Back when I was a young teenager I didn’t play very many games, but my eyes were opened to the wonderful game music by a friend who was a gamer and made me listen to some of the music from his favourite games. This was when I got hooked to the Final Fantasy music by Nobuo Uematsu. I then went on and listened to more game music, even playing some game trailers over and over again to enjoy the background music if I didn’t have the game (which was a lot).

What attracts my attention in game music are the great tunes, the sounds that heightens tension, or the way it can stir up emotions and feelings and make you think about what’s happening in the game while you are listening to a particular part of the music.

Some music with faster time signature and staccato notes that urge you to do a mission within a limited time really makes my heart race! I remember once I sat down to do some drawing and put on one of those songs in the background, I ended up scribbling like mad because I kept thinking there was a time limit… my heart felt like it was about to explode.

I also love it when the theme changes when a certain boss arrives or something bad has happened and it really changes the mood.

When I started playing games properly, I fell so much in love with some of the music that, also being a violin and piano player, I managed to find some scores and played them myself on those instruments. I remember that one of my favourite themes to play on the piano were Aeris’ theme (Final Fantasy VII) and To Zanarkand (Final Fantasy X). Especially the latter. I *loved* that theme. Now I feel like playing it again…

Here’s an orchestral version of it. Even if you’ve never played FF10 (like me), or absolutely hate the FF games or whatever, I urge you to listen to this song!!!!!!!!!

That song sends chills down my spine every time I listen to it. And I get goosebumps too…

Well I finally bought FF10 on Thursday… can’t wait to start playing it! (that’ll be during the Easter holidays as I don’t have a PS2 with me here at uni).

Though instruments in next-gen games may produce a better sound to hear, I love many old school themes such as Terra’s theme from Final Fantasy VI. Listening to it is making me feel so nostalgic…

Oh god, I really need to finish that game.

At the moment, my playlist consists of music from Dynasty Warriors 6. That game may be repetitive after awhile, but throughout the entire DW series the composers seem to be able to come up some seriously kickass songs! I love every single Dynasty Warriors music.

My current ringtone :P

Monday, 9 February 2009

3D male

2nd attempt at modelling a character. Turned out better than I expected, but tis still rubbish lol. Constructive criticism is welcome.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Week 17 - Game engines

To make a game, one essential part is the game engine, which is as a software system that takes care of all the usual tasks of running the game such as rendering graphics (2D or 3D), physics, sounds, animation, and so on. These are the key technologies required in an engine to be able to perform properly. Game engines have a part called the platform abstraction which allows different consoles to be able to run the same game.

With the game engine technology becoming more advanced, the uses for game engines has broadened in variety and are even covering serious situations for real-life purposes, such as training for medical and military purposes, etc. Phones such as the iPhone and other hardware also have game engines.

Game companies build their own in-house game engines that are made suitably and can be used over and over again for their own games. But since the cost of making in-house games has increased dramatically, many game companies build parts of a game engine or the full engine with all the components, and sell them to other companies, making them the “middleware providers”. With these middleware, the game company can buy decent game engines with the right features for them at a reasonable price, rather than pay a whole bunch of programmers for along time to build the engine from scratch.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Week 16 - Gaming Culture

The gaming culture is a new type of popular culture that is based on video games. It is not just about a solitary teenager shut up in their bedrooms and hitting the buttons of their controllers. Socialising through gaming is a great and unique way of interacting with a group of friends, and this type of group gaming is called a LAN party.


With the Internet growing into a massive communication tool several years ago, online games have evolved that allow gamers to play and communicate with people all over the world.

Having been brought up in an environment where playing games was mostly forbidden as I was taught to focus more on school and academic subjects, I believe I have not really been part of any gaming cultures. When I was younger I played games occasionally (the two main ones that I can remember are Age of Empires II and The Sims), but other than that I have not really spent time specifically at gatherings just to play games or go to LAN parties. Recently, my parents have been more relaxed about me playing video games, and I frequently call a friend or two to come to my place and play multi-player ones. I would like to experience a LAN party some day, too…

Monday, 2 February 2009

Silk Puppet

The lights dimmed as the audience finished their round of applause. The velvet curtains parted, revealing a colossal stage with a single spotlight shining down on one solitary figure. The performer stood deathly still with a long cloak down to her barefeet, not a single muscle moving. Then, with one sweeping motion, she elegantly lifted away the cloak, revealing a body of silk.

Probably the weirdest thing I've drawn in awhile. This is just an idea for my Interesting Character project. Most of her body is made of silk cloth. Usually she walks around with a long cloak on to cover up herself. Yes, this really was inspired by a real person I saw on a street...