Thursday, 14 May 2009

Female character done!...ish

Fixed the face a lot, and the whole model's finished...... sort of. I feel like there is still more to fix...... but I'm quite looking forward to unwrapping and texturing her.

5409 triangles.


Byren said...

Hey, nice work!

I have a crit or two for you though if it's not too late!

My main concern is the wasted polys on her stomach, they're not doing anything but sucking up your overall tri count. I'd weld them off somewhere, maybe under the breasts to excentuate them, or make use of them and give your model more shape. Oh, and the same with the tris leading from her chest to her neck.

Her body needs to be "rounder", at the moment she's looking very boxy. Try adding in an extra loop on the inner thigh for example, or pull out the verts a litte more. Her hands look as though they could use this treatment too!

Her joints need more loops added to them if she's going to deform properly, especially around the shoulders and knees.

On a plus note, I really like the feet and head. I've always found the head to be one of the hardest parts of modelling a character and you've managed to create a pretty good one here, I especially loce the hair and lips!

Keep up the good work. I hope I've been of some use to you!

Zongyi Chen said...


Thank you very much for your critique! I am currently making these changes to my model :D.

Slaney said...

Hey, looking good!

I agree with Byren here, also, have a look at the shapes around her knee area, needs a little bend in her leg, a tad too straight at the mo. Other than that I have to say that its great to see a first year tackling this kind of thing, it means you actually want to improve!
I will be watching you all...........

On a less sinister note, I suggest you try rigging the model before the unwrap and texture, as it can give you an idea as to how to best model for rigging purposes, cos you might find you will want to rearrange polys so they deform better. (That way you dont have to re-unwrap if you make changes)

Keep up the good work, it is most impressive.