Sunday, 29 November 2009

New self-portrait head

Redid most of my head model a few times to get the topology loops right. Thanks to Del and Alan for the crits.


Michael Powell said...


It's nice that you're getting crits from other students.

I think this head suffers from being too rounded and generic - you're not yet using the geometry to shape the structure of the head, the underlying bone and muscle. If the flow lines look like the markings on a basketball, you should know then that you're modelling is too generic, and you should then focus on trying to block the major planes and shapes in the head much more closely.

I don;t think your head is shaped like a basketball, is it? ;)

Zongyi Chen said...

Hi, thank you for the comment and critique! I wasn't aware of that at all and now I can see what you mean. It really does look so generic and round... I think I'm depending on Zbrush too much to help me sculpt more shape and detail onto the face later on.

I'll add some changes to the face model :).

Heh, *checks mirror*, I think my head is quite different from a basketball... XD

Michael Powell said... - check out the third and fourth pair of images down, see how the major masses are blocked out quite crudely. Oncew the masses are correct, then you can add the detail. but if you don't model the muscle and bone first, you'll always end up with basketball head, and a high triangle count ;)