Monday, 15 November 2010

Laocoon sculpt WIP

Hello, I realised I haven't posted in awhile so here's something I've been workingn on recently. I am enjoying the sculpting project a lot and it's feels fresh and different to sculpt a character who's already in a pose.

This is still a very early work-in-progress image, and critiques are most welcome on the anatomy and muscles. I am aware of positioning errors such as his left hand (our right) not in the right angle. The head is a separate file so I photoshopped it onto the body.

Reference here:


Michael Powell said...

I sent you a psd sort of paintover thingy


Zongyi Chen said...

Thanks! Where can I find it?

Michael Powell said...

ah in your dmu email... remember that? :-)

Zongyi Chen said...

Ohh yeah! I've never my DMU email before so this is my first time. Paintovers during the sculpting/modelling process is a good idea, I can now see some obvious errors. Thanks 8D