Sunday, 20 March 2011

Dominance War V ideas

So Dominance War V has finally started, I'm really liking the Gods theme. I've decided to make a Goddess of Time (this one seems very popular, I've seen three other people make a God/Goddess of Time (and Space) thread on the Gameartisans Forum right after I made mine).

Initial concepts and ideas, I want to make her half dark and half light to symbolize night and day. And of course she has to hold an hourglass :D. Wasn't actually too sure about giving her proper clothing as I thought a Goddess of Time wouldn't really need that, but I may change my mind later. Her surface isn't going to be skin or any flesh, I want to give it a metal-like surface as shown in the mask picture.

Would love to hear thoughts on this.

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Slaney said...

Love the idea of using contrasting materials. I did a character back when Mr Ben Mathis first came to teach us, he gave us the remit to create a smash bros type character. I based my one around the idea of a clock mechanism, so its body was a bell, and its arms had cogs etc...

If you think about the concept of time flowing but in a linear fashion then you can imagine the kinds of shapes you could be using. I get the thought of the 'classic hourglass figure', but if she was actually an hour glass! (How naff is that?!)

Or something like muscle structure replaced with mechanisms...a metronome sticking out of her head...(also naff)ticking clock hands in her eyes! (even naffer!)

Maybe you should think about one side being beginning and the other end. Maybe her 'clothes' if she had any, would be streams of time...