Friday, 9 January 2009

Christmas Week - Creativity

What is creativity? Creativity is the property of putting original ideas into a medium. It is part of our everyday lives, sometimes used without realizing, other times it is specifically needed to complete a task. It is stimulated to produce ideas from our various interaction with our surroundings, to help us adapt in our ever changing world. We depend on our own creativity to generate and produce novel or a wider variety of ideas to affect our current situation, which may be causing us to feel uneasy or unsatisfied. We use creativity to make changes, improvements, solve problems and so on.

Beautiful pencil art by Jennifer Maestre!!

I think that artistically, inspiration, experimenting and interaction with those around us are good boosts for creativity. Experimenting is a great way to exercise our creativity. It’s not good just throwing out your first ideas down onto paper and calling it the “final design” because it appears cool, but to tweak it with various methods and styles, share it with other people to get opinions and feedback, and basically to show the development work of your creative process.

Staying in the comfort zone is not a bad thing, but I would not stay there for too long. Like the frog in the well, it really limits your imagination. Go over your borderline every so often, discover and try out new things, you’ll never know what awesome things you can come up with if you just give these new things a try.

One of my favourite artists on DeviantART used to come up with some fantastic tattoo name designs everyday. He says he does it to exercise his creativity. He used to take requests from other uses on the e website and turns their names into beauty tattoo designs. I probably did not explain it very well, but if you click you will see what I mean (I hope).

In conclusion, creativity is an important aspect of the human race. It allows us to view the world in a different perspective, to invent ways of improving. When I was younger I used to tease my dad about having a lack of imagination because he works as a scientist, however he turned to me and said, “You need creativity and a good imagination to do my work!”


Del "D-Y-D" said...

nice point about going out of your comfort zone.

reminds me that i need to do it more often :)

Blair said...

Oh man, that pencil sculpture is sweeeet. I must dig out my old art journal, it had tons of stuff in about sculptures made out of strange things...