Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Week 15 - Games Industry

As we are all aware, we are currently experiencing an economic recession, meaning that many industries are changing. In recent years, games have been an extremely fast-increasing source of entertainment that is catching up with the films industry. It is still going strong but anything can happen in this world, and it too can be shaken by this recession.

Jobs are getting increasingly hard to find. From what I’ve heard, 16 game companies in the UK have closed down. That is an incredibly scary thought. Competition in the game industry is strong, but not only that, the sales of games are currently suffering as well. There is a problem with credit which is unavailable in Eastern European countries and scarce and in the Middle East, so transporting gaming products is becoming a difficulty. In the USA, retailers are choosing only the best games to order. Trading is one of the major concerns.

At the moment, all I’m can do is to work hard, be efficient, push boundaries and wait for this bleak period to lift. Sounds simple, but what else is there to do? No point in sitting around and sulk, at least make good use of my time while I’m in First Year and get something DONE!

EDIT: Hey... if the economy recovers two years later when we graduate, does that mean we'll be competing with the previous graduates who didn't manage to get jobs? That's triple the competition?


Michael Powell said...

No, because by then their skills will be two years out of date!

Industry will always seek out fresh new talent, and your philosophy is right - use the time wisely to equip yourself against any eventuality.

Zongyi Chen said...

Ah, true, true...!


Megan Egglesden said...

Ha! if i can't get a job I'm not going to spend those two years sitting around!

As long as you keep working hard, your skills will keep up to date. Your work is really nice and you have a good attitude :D

Zongyi Chen said...


Thank you :).