Sunday, 18 January 2009

Finished 3D bike... (I think)

So! I followed Mike's advice, looked at Del's and Dan's layouts and made my own... I hope it's ok! I've also improved the bike a bit, added some brakes and gave it some simple textures.


Michael Powell said...

Nice job Zongyi, like it a lot and seeing the mesh helps.

Del "D-Y-D" said...

Zongyi - this is incredible

To think that you've only been into 3D for a few months.
Its a pleasure to see you work. Great model, Great Textures, Great Polyflow.

You'll be better than all of us combined one day. Its obvious.

Zongyi Chen said...

@ Mike: Thank you :).

@ Del: Aww thank you very much ^_^....... I'm flattered! *blush* :D

Slaney said...

Oh my. We are gonna have to stop you from getting good too quickly. That is one fine peice of modelling. It has actually made Mike say something nice!

That is the first sign of the apocalypse.

Zongyi Chen said...

@ Slaney: Thank you! Bwah, you cannot stop me....! :P


Mitch said...

bah you've had too much positive feedback, so i was going to say that's sweet,
but instead ill say the purple coloured diffuse map for the bike lacks colour depth and should include hue shifts and also need to think about the different materials that are used in a bike and the variance in glossiness, secularity, reflectiveness for example the rubber tyres wont be as shiny as the metallic brakes.
One day you'll thank me for being an old meanie. :P

Zongyi Chen said...

@ Mitch: Bwahahaha, keep those coming, 'cuz constructive criticism like yours are invaluable! :P I'd much prefer people being nitpicky and giving criticism rather than shower me with sweet words...

But yeah, thank you for the comment. I'll keep those tips in mind ^_^.