Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Week 16 - Gaming Culture

The gaming culture is a new type of popular culture that is based on video games. It is not just about a solitary teenager shut up in their bedrooms and hitting the buttons of their controllers. Socialising through gaming is a great and unique way of interacting with a group of friends, and this type of group gaming is called a LAN party.


With the Internet growing into a massive communication tool several years ago, online games have evolved that allow gamers to play and communicate with people all over the world.

Having been brought up in an environment where playing games was mostly forbidden as I was taught to focus more on school and academic subjects, I believe I have not really been part of any gaming cultures. When I was younger I played games occasionally (the two main ones that I can remember are Age of Empires II and The Sims), but other than that I have not really spent time specifically at gatherings just to play games or go to LAN parties. Recently, my parents have been more relaxed about me playing video games, and I frequently call a friend or two to come to my place and play multi-player ones. I would like to experience a LAN party some day, too…

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kiss my Beard said...

LANs are awesome, When I was apart if this Halo Clan "WARBASTARDS" each year we'd have a giant lan party of like 30people down in london, i missed last year, but the year before we hired out a penthouse suit and because most of em work in games related things we managed to get a sweet deal of borrowing 30 bigass samsung 32"s just for the event lol! Lans I find are better than online play as its just more fun when ur in a room with the people ur playing against, thers more livelyness about the atmosphere. heh i think the last lan i had was actually an ageofempires with kian lol.... <_<