Monday, 23 February 2009

New interesting character, and more pictures

After going through 5 different people I've finally settled with this interesting old guy... the way his beard separated really caught my attention on the street!

Two of the previous (now abandoned) "interesting characters" that I saw... one of them walked past me right after the other and I thought they looked the complete opposite of each other! The guy on the right was incredibly tall.

Quick study of part of the interior of the Queen's building:

A few days ago the sky was a pretty colour... thought I'd draw it:

And a couple of more speedpaints. The first one took about 40 minutes and the second one took 1 hour. It was hard to draw, too...

Reference here.

Reference here.


Mitch said...

Looking good, Need to use a different brush, i'l show you next time in labs

Zongyi Chen said...


Yeah, cool :)