Sunday, 8 March 2009

Week 19 - Life changing or career building?

At first I thought that Liberal Arts meant any subject that was artistic, for example photography, sculpture, fashion, graphics design…

But upon doing some research, it turns out that “Liberal Arts” was just a posh term for any non-art related subject. This includes maths, chemistry, biology, physics, Latin, Greek, History, Geography, humanities and so on.

Liberal Arts, in my opinion, is useful, as everyone should learn a wide variety of general knowledge. This is why we have SATs, GCSEs and A-levels. A highly trained graduate artist with at least some form of liberal arts background would be a great applicant, however, it may not be humanly possible for this to happen. When it comes to three years of university, the subject studied by the student should be narrowed down to fit the career path they wish to take, therefore learning a specialized course such as Game Art would be appropriate since the industry is a very specialised field. From what I have heard from the Blitz and Rare visitors, they are looking for specialists with great portfolios that fit exactly what is written in the job description, therefore it is better to be exceptional at one particular subject rather than be mediocre in everything.

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