Sunday, 15 March 2009

Week 22 - Game Developers Conference

I first heard about GDC (Game Developers Conference) when two friends on my course randomly bumped into me in the middle of town and said they’ve organised a trip to it and that I should definitely go to it. It seemed so out of the blue when she said it, but after some brief explanations, I thought it sounded like a pretty amazing event to attend. Plus I have always wanted to visit America and see what it’s like for myself so this would be a great chance to do so!

Browsing through their website, it seems like everything to do with games is going to be there, from studio managers to developers, from exhibitors to recruiters, and so on. Sounds like a gigantic gathering of a wide variety! I’d love to attend this and be part of such a great and important event. Working hard and improving at my 2D and 3D is good, but getting out there and hearing what everyone has to say would be extremely beneficial and open my eyes to many new things.

I think when the time gets closer, and if this group trip with my fellow course mates really goes ahead, I’d definitely think about it more and see which events I’d like to attend.

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