Sunday, 15 March 2009

Week 24 - And so the curtains draw to a close

Well it has been an exciting year for me. A big thank you to my lecturers and fellow course mates who have helped me learn so much in such a short amount of time (this year feels like it really flew by… I can’t believe I’m going to be a 2nd Year soon). Despite the slow and rough start (lack of labs), I love the course and feel that I have grown and developed my skills, learnt to discipline myself a bit more (the Wednesday morning talks were extremely helpful, thanks Mike) and would like to further this even after the end of the teaching weeks.

What I would like to see more is more interaction between both tutor and students, and students among themselves. What happened to the “Game Art Speedpainting” that was so popular amongst the First Years last year? Doing fun group activities such as that will benefit us to learn faster and from each other. It would be great if our course can continue this activity next year.

People from game companies who come and give us lectures have all emphasized that the industry seeks artists with strong traditional skills. It’s great that we do life-drawing in pencil, charcoal and graphite, and I think it would be beneficial if a wider variety of traditional art was taught. Doubling traditional art teaching sounds good too.

Now that we are a bit more familiar with 3DStudio Max, I would love to start some group speedmodelling activities. This sounds fun.

I think blog tasking is an AWESOME idea! It's a great way to exercise our communication skills, and has really taught me some things I never knew about before... such as what exactly a game engine does and game technology.

So, these are just some thoughts and ideas after going through what we’ve done throughout the year.

On the whole, I have enjoyed the course very much. Not only have I learnt a great deal, but also I have met and befriended many amazing and like-minded people. 058


toma li said...

aw thats nice lol. just remember, the holidays is where the real work beging, the holidays give you time to study EVERYDAY!!! HARDCORE!!!! im serious tho, no slacking. over the last summer holidays i did posemaniacs 30 sec speed pose's for liek half an hour in the morning and half an hour before bed considering the circumstances( like ladys or drunk vomiting) but yeah, do this every day and you will be UBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zongyi Chen said...

Right! *WILL STUDY* :D