Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Week 20 - Creativity Part 2

This is a follow-up of one of my earlier posts here about what creativity is.

We discussed creativity in depth during one of our lectures, and I have learned that creativity can have many different meanings. The first things that spring to my mind when someone talks about creativity are new ideas and making them unique. But other ways to describe creativity, what it is and what comes out of it are decisions, problem solving, experimenting (trial and error), thinking and simulating.

From the video that I watched today during the lecture, it seems that children are the most creative ones and they are actually forced out of it because of our education system, rather than grow into it. I’ve never thought of it before, but when I was recently told that humans are born creative, I can’t help but agree with this. Children have such fascinating and creative imaginations. I remember reading a book once (can’t remember which one), where the narrator was going through a period of rough times but his child was able to make the situation seem a lot less bleak by fantasizing in his own little world and making use of it. If memory serves, one of the quotes in the book that described this was, “That’s the great thing about children. Put them in any situation and they will find a way to make the atmosphere a much better place.” or something along those lines.

After learning from the video we watched in class today, it’s sad thinking that children are not given a chance to expand and develop their creativity. Instead they’re made to do “key subjects” most of the time to replace the imaginative parts of their minds, which may not come in useful later in their lives and careers ever.

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